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One of the most important factors that are harmful to our constructions is water. Our constructions are subject to the external waters such as rain, snow,
humidity of soil, and the ground water. The activities made to protect against water that threatens our constructions and our comfort are called waterproofing.

The water which penetrates into our buildings, causes the corrosion on the irons located in the structural sections of our buildings and the carrying capacity to decrease.

The water causes the concrete to decay and crack. The water proofing application provides the healthy and comfortable ambient by preventing the water from dropping from our roofs and ceilings, as well as the occurrence of the bacteria and the mold.

The waterproofing, is made by applying the watertight materials on the places such as the base, the roof where the water can ingress. The most reliable one of these applications is the latest Mask Polyurea waterproofing systems. The water which can not penetrate into the building due to the water proofing application; is moved away from the building by the rainwater drain (discharge) pipe. The most important feature that the buildings should have on, is the resistance. Therefore, the benefit of water proofing is more important than its cost.

Mask Polyurea is still leading in the world with its speed and quality. For example; the waterproofing of terrace of 500m2 is delivered in 2 working days with the Mask Polyurea that has a feature of drying in 10 seconds

Mask Polyurea Waterproofing, protects the construction elements against the damages caused by the rain; the underground layers against the harmful effects of underground water and humid. Thus, the construction would not lose the carrying capacity in time which was initially designed. As Turkey is an earthquake country, the importance of waterproofing applications in the buildings has increased more.

As the protection of buildings against the harmful effects of water is possible via the waterproofing, the buildings have become long lasting and resistant. Thus, it is ensured that there has been decrease in the loss of life and loss of property. While the waterproofing provides the comfortable constructions by stopping the water dropping into our rooms, it also prevents the occurrence of bacteria, mold etc. organisms Thus, the life span of our constructions as an important investment increases, but the maintenance costs reduce.

FALSE: The base of our building would not take the water inside, therefore, it is not necessary to make a waterproofing for the base

TRUE: Even if it is not on the floor, the soil humidity and the aboveground waters may cause the corrosion (rusting) on the base. For this reason, the waterproofing should be made for the base and the load bearing walls.

FALSE: Our house takes water from the roof of terrace. We are told that we could resolve this issue by ceramic coating.

TRUE: The ceramic is a coating material, not a waterproofing material. The proofing materials should be used for the water related concerns.

FALSE: I live in the penthouse. I want to make a waterproofing on only the side where my house is located.

TRUE: The waterproofing should be applied for all parts of the roof. Since it is possible that water can ingress into the waterproofed area from a place where the waterproofing is not made, all parts of roof should be waterproofed.

FALSE: The reason for buildings breaking down is not only for using the insufficient material.

TRUE: Also, another reason for buildings breaking down during the earthquake is that the structural sections of constructions which has no waterproofing, has been weakening due to being exposed to the water ingress.

FALSE: Can I apply the waterproofing myself or apply it together with the known workers?

TRUE: Your building must be definitely examined by the experts and the sound insulation applications for the solutions of your concern should be made by the experienced insulation companies in their field.

The measurements ever made points out that the household noise of especially İstanbul and İzmir’s houses are at disturbing level. This shows that the necessary sound insulation in the houses except those in the new projects has not been paid attention yet. In spite of these sound insulations, the noise pressure above 60 decibel harms people physically and mentally and is risky in terms of human health.

Sound insulation should be made in the following places;

- The areas which need to protect against the harmful effects of the noise
(houses, school, hospital, dormitory, hotel, offices etc.)

- The areas which need to prevent the noise emitted into the environment
(generator, hydrophore, central heating, the amusement places with high volume etc.)

- The areas of which the conditions for the usage is dependent on the sound. (cinema,
theatre, concert and conference halls, TV and sound recording studio etc.)

When designing the building, the sound insulation should be considered. Also, when making decision about the elements of the wall, the floor, the ceiling, the window and the woodwork of buildings, the materials with a high sound insulation feature should be used. After the Mask Polyurea Sound Insulation is made, the sound conduction of the top and bottom layers can be easily prevented. By making a sound insulation on the base, the air sound (talking, music etc) and the impact sound (the foot sound, goods pulling sound etc.). Especially, the sound ratio inside the vehicle has been highly decreased, after coating the vehicle body

Your building must be definitely examined by the experts and the sound insulation applications for the solutions of your concern should be made by the experienced insulation companies in their field.



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