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Application Areas

Roof and Terraces;
All roofs shoud be resistant to the air conditions (cooling in the winter, warming in the summer), the flexible and the load to occur. All flat and inclined roofs on which Mask Polyurea is applied, are protected against water leakages. Therefore, the results, which will come from the damages to building and building material, are hindered. Mask Polyurea, blocks the high steam passing through, thus, as it does not maintain the water inside the roof structure, it hinders the occurrence of the water collection and the blisters caused by the water collection. A UV lights resistant application is made with the required colour option.


Road Constructions;
The bridge and road structures are forced due to the increasing traffic from day to day and hereby the occurring exhaust gases, oils and impurities. If all these leaks are not taken countermeasure against and not obstructed, they endanger the constructions by damaging the concrete. The isolation materials, which will block these flows and leakages, are needed more from day to day. The dynamic and the static surfaces, as well as the cracks, are coated in much detail by the mask polyurea.                      
The Wet Floors;
All coating materials that are decoratively applied, leaks the water through the joint spacing or from the corners in time.
In the humid places as hospital baths, hotels, breweries and paper factories, the damages to the building caused by the water leakages occurring from the ceilings, the walls and the floors, are a sensitively important issue. Mask Polyurea protects the application area from the wetness and the humidity thanks to adhering to all surfaces such as metal, wood, marble, ceramic, plastic.                     
In the Aircraft Hangars ;
Some problems were experienced with the floor coatings of Aircrafts Hangars in the past; it was seen that some cracks and breakages occurred on the floor in a short time due to applying the old fashioned rubbing based coating method and the investigations have been started regarding this issue. The investigations in all world have brought polyurea in the foreground, as there is no alternative product on this issue.           
In the Open and the Closed Car parks ;
The mask polyurea, which is used in the car park areas comes to foreground with the non flammability and anti slip feature, if breaking on the ramps, the risk diminishes, however, protects the concrete against the effects of chemicals substances such as the salty solution, fuel oil, oily substance.                                     
The Wall and The Floor Coating;

The precautions for the protection of building should be taken in the new buildings and the old constructions renovations. It needs a robust coating to protect the wall and the floor from the damages. The Mask Polyurea, prevents the cracks to occur due to mistakes in building the construction. Mask Polyurea, provides the protection by coating the main walls, columns, the cross beam and the side feet. Mask Polyurea is extremely a benificial product in term of the pull force, compressing force, tensile and shear strength, therefore, it protects the mechanically damaged areas.   

In the protection of Metal ;

It is unique for the protection of all metal surface, its prevention feature of the  mechanical and chemical wearing is preferred. In the industrial areas, it is necessary to protect the pipelines, the Irons, the beams and the steel columns of tank covers is preferred.  
The excellency of Mask Polyurea as a protective material is proven in the bridge, industrial and the construction areas. It provides a very effective protection with the solvent free application by using a spraying technique and a fast hardening material.  

The swimming pools and the Penstocks ;

The damages caused by the water are countless. The water, which ingresses into the building base, reduces the strength of the building carrying column.         
The underground power and installation channels, the engine rooms or the civil defense rooms need a safe area against the humid. It is an extremely unmatchable among the pools due to applicable at the required colour and its excellent resistant.     

In the building base;

It provides a permanent protection against the surface waters, the harmful substances, the pressurized waters, the plant roots, the wearing and the erosion by creating a bridge effect on the Asphalt, the Concrete and the Loose Ground.
In the surfaces with which the soil and the plant are going to be covered, the taking root resistant surfaces (a plant  can not get through the coating), and also in the concrete coated construction such as the pools, the underground tanks, the collection pools, manholes, it give the same successful results.



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